Wicked Clowns

Haven't been on for a while

So man...just noticed i havent been on for a year yo!! soooooo long! so as u can figure out probably im 18 now! :D cant believe it. been having some fun at the hooka bar recently...chillin with friends...bein out late etc. etc. lol. right now im just chillin on the lap top. things keep breakin round the house and moms throwin a shit fit lol. so lets see...wats changed in a year?...um the other person whos in my current pic is a bitch of an ex best friend but i have a greater one now. i got a tattoo 2 weeks ago!! its a butterfly on my right shoulder blade. its pretty fuckin sweet lol. thats all i can think of at the moment. ill post more up later :)
Wicked Clowns

So I'm sittin here chillin...

At my grandmas house cuz I am under "adult supervision" as if I cant handle myself u feel me. I may only be sixteen going on seventeen, but im being treated as if im like 5 or somethin like that. Its all good though...i may be stuck here but imma find a way to have some fun although my phone barely receives signal so i dont really get texting. :( Right now im playin some texas hold em on myspace and listening to my music. I would post up some of my lyrics or poems or a bit of my story but all of that information is at home so u all will have to wait until i get home to post it. Ill keep you informed on anything exciting that happens. Good news is im 8 going on 7 days away from my birthday! YAY!!!!!! and then 2 days after that im going to florida for the month! excitement is definitely coming!!!!
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